Signs I'm OK

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Signs I'm OK

On December 18, 2020 in about 1 minute read

The symptoms I am not burned out and things are going overall OK (i.e., nothing catastrophic is currently happening).

Writing these down so I can recognize when I need a mental health day (or more).

  1. I have a solid routine going
  2. I listen to music and podcasts
  3. I enjoy talking about what is going on
  4. I am organized and have spare time / energy to work through my personal TODOs
  5. I experience surges of creativity, coming up with novel ideas for things to do or ways to do things
  6. I spend quiet time on hobbies and other non-directed activities
  7. I use a lot less social media and get out of bed early
  8. I take care of myself; I drink lots of water, exercise, take walks
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