Design Thinking

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Design Thinking

On September 10, 2018 in entepreneurship 1 minute read

Design Thinking helps you come up with new ideas and validate them quickly.

The steps are the following:

  1. Discovery (Analysis, divergent): Generate a lot of possible options
  2. Definition (Synthesis, convergent): Prioritise and focus on only a few options
  3. Development (Analysis, divergent): Build a few prototypes to test your idea
  4. Delivery / Validation (Synthesis, divergent): Test your idea with customers (Repeat from 1)

This approach can be applied to many things complex / complicated problems with no clear solution (creating a roadmap, defining a product vision).

In this approach we can be explicit about what stage we are in, so you can be clear on the current goal, e.g. “we are in the Discovery phase: go create a lot of shallow ideas to be prioritised later”.

This helps teams align their focus, working more effectively and putting even a large group wisdom on a fast track.

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