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My name is Andrea and I live in London.

I was born and raised in Southern Italy and, before the UK, I've lived in the Netherlands, Canada and USA.

I like managing software projects, reading about tech, travelling, thinking about life's bigger meanings and playing videogames (when I have time).

I <3 my wife, kid and dog.

I am a MEng in Software Engineering graduate from the University of Salerno and work at as Principal Technical Delivery Manager.

I used to practice boxing and other martial arts, but my knee isn't what it used to be, so now I am into rowing (3000m in 11m46s). I also like swimming (500m in 13m53s) and taking long walks with my doggy.

My personality type is ENFJ.

I write about things I learn during my day from others, books or just my experiences.


Posts and opinions are my own, not the views of my employer and should never be taken seriously.