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About Andrea Della Corte


Hi! My name is Andrea and I live in London, UK.

I was born and raised in southern Italy and lived in the Netherlands, Canada and USA.

I ❤️ my wife, kiddo and dog.

I have a background in Software Engineering and work at Curve as VP of Engineering. If you want to know more about my work, see my resume. I like helping individuals, organisations (preferably startups!) and software projects succeed.

In my free time I spend time with my family, read, travel, do all sort of sports and play video-games. I run a CoderDojo for kids 5+ at John Harvard Library, in central London.

My personality type is ENFJ.

You can find more about me in:

About this page

In this page I write about things I learn during my day from others, books or just my experiences.

This blog code is hosted on Netlify and built via Jekyll; Jekyll made it really easy to organise my blog the way I wanted it, automating many small tasks that save me a lot of time. The theme is based on ReMarkdown.

All typing, pushing to repo and local development is done via Visual Studio Code.


This is a standing invitation: if we have common interests, I want to talk to you.

My email address is andrea@dellacorte.me.

Note: This page was inspired by Kalzumeus’ Standing Invitation


Posts and opinions are my own, not the views of my employer and should never be taken seriously.