Barrels and Ammunitions

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Barrels and Ammunitions

On April 22, 2021 in notes 1 minute read

Source: How to Operate with Keith Rabois (How to Start a Startup 2014: Lecture 14)

A really clever way to view organizations - The quote from Rabois summarizes the idea nicely:

If you think about people, there are two categories of high-quality people: there is the ammunition, and then there are the barrels. You can add all the ammunition you want, but if you have only five barrels in your company, you can literally do only five things simultaneously. If you add one more barrel, you can now do six things simultaneously. If you add another one, you can do seven, and so on. In short, the output of your organization is dependent on the number of people that can own projects and see them through to the end.

Excellent deep dive by Conor Dewey

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